Todd Twining

Guitar & Vocals

Spot on lead vocals from country to hard rock Todd delivers the vocals while still slaying the solos that made lead guitar the “cool” instrument for so many.

Marie Twining

Vocals & Guitar

Marie is a "Vocal Star" with a rhythm guitar. She can deliver everything from Sweet Country classics, to stone cold soul, or even bring you the drive of classic rock and roll.

Mary Twining

Vocals & Keyboards

Versatile vocalist and multi instrumentalist. Mary plays keyboard, & covers lead vocals, harmonies, and percussion.

Rob Murtey


The rock, the funk, and the groove all start with the drums. Rob goes well beyond the plain and ordinary drummers with sticks twirling and flying, he is a showman to watch!

Jerry Kirk

Bass & Vocals

A solid bass is at the foundation of every great band. Jerry brings the bottom from country to hard rock and delivers some backing vocals all at the same time.